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Q. Define a good hosting company for websites?

I want to start my own website, but I know nothing about choosing web hosting company. I tried browsing various web hosting company and all of them would say that they are the best. Because of this I am having a hard time choosing a web hosting company.

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    If the hosting company has lots of resources, then it is a good one. Such hosting company will have good services and less down times for their clients. It is also considered a good hosting company if the number of servers it has is many. They should also have constant maintenance and provide SSH and SSL security. Most of all, they don’t put the same kind of business in the same kind of server.

    Make sure to search for such web hosting service. This link here: http://www.synapse.co.za is a good recommendation for you.

    5/20/2013 12:30:56 AM -07:00
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    Hi, While choosing a good hosting company all you should consider is the company should fulfills all your need and requirement without any failure.And should provide the hosting Plan at low cost,and the server up time should be good.And the company should provide good customer support.If all the requirements are fulfilled by a single hosting company it is said to be a good hosting company.I here by suggest you the site http://www.tucktail.com/web-hosting-plans/ where you can find the hosting plan at low cost with all your Requirements fulfilled without any failure.

    5/27/2013 10:07:20 PM -07:00