What makes AskAboutDomains.COM different?

The site has a few features that are much different/better than existing forums:

  1. You don''t need a membership. Browse and edit questions for free without an account.
  2. The site is more like a WIKI than a forum: The questions and answers are editable. The best answers get voted to the top. No need to read through a bunch of garbage to get the answers you want. And no more "out of date" answers that show up in google because they were "right" years ago, but are no longer true.
  3. Easy to see all answers or add questions: No need to register if you don''t want.
  4. Badge/Reputation system: The more you contribute, the more you can do. You gain rights by contributing content to the site. People who answer all questions will get higher reputation scores, and more capabilities.

Please post your questions, or prove you're an expert by answering a few.

The intent is to end up with the BEST answers for everything relating to domainers and domaining.