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Q. Why can't I find mid-priced .com domain names?

Either they are $7(register fee) or over $1000? My startup uses a popular keyword so decent .com's are hard to find. Any ideas?

UPDATE: or Sedo auctions? Stylate seems cheap but small. Anyone heard of them?

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2 Answers

  • jorge Answered... 0 votes

    Here is a site I ran across today, that just does $250 domains:

    But, since you mentioned you want keyword domains, that is not really what you want. I think that part of the game is to negotiate keyword domains to lower prices ($1000 -> $200). Many domains never get offers.

    Also you can try some of the "lesser auction sites" like BIDO.COM, ebay, etc.

    9/29/2011 10:26:37 AM -07:00
  • jorge Answered... 0 votes

    Here are some more great tips on finding a good name for you startup company:

    That article is really comprehensive, and every entrepreneur should read it and understand it.

    4/22/2012 8:22:16 AM -07:00