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Q. What are the rules for use of a .org domain?

We are working on obtaining the reasonable domains names for our new product. We have .net, .com and some related names. What about .org? What are the rules that determine whether or not it is appropriate to use a .org? We are a for-profit venture.

Also, if .org is NOT appropriate, is it considered kosher to buy the .org domain just to lock it up with no intenion of using it?

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  • jorge Answered... 2 votes

    There are no restrictions on .ORG domain names.

    It is "suggested" that they be used for charitable causes, non-profits, etc, but this is only a suggestion. Anyone can buy them and use them for any purpose.

    EDIT: Well, there are the restrictions that apply to all domain names: You shouldn't squat on a trademarked domain that you don't own (see UDRP).

    11/5/2009 1:50:33 AM -08:00
  • Surfer Answered... 0 votes

    .ORG names generally aren't as valuable as .COM names. People will just instinctively type .COM when they mean .ORG. So, the .COM will get a bunch of misaddressed mail etc.

    There was recently a big bru-haha about GoodWill.ORG and GoodWill.COM. They GoodWill charity thought they deserved because of their trademark.

    2/6/2010 10:44:41 PM -08:00
  • Start a Cleaning Business Answered... -1 votes

    I have locked up a couple of domain names just to keep them out of other's hands. Seems ok. link text

    4/20/2010 8:38:52 PM -07:00