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Q. Are sub-domains a part of the main web site or a separate web site?

I want to create a sub-domain under my web site for blogging but I don't know if it points back to my main web site or if it's a separate web page or site.

If it points back to my main web site (www.tailoredpcdocuments.biz), do I have to set up a page in my main site just for that sub-domain?

Do you have to include your main web site name in the sub-domain name?

Does creating a sub-domain help boost your rating and position in search engines?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Gail White President/Owner Tailored PC Documents

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    A subdomain is a domain like: blog.yourdomain.com

    The content in a sub-domain can be completely separate from your main domain. It doesn't even need to be hosted on the same server. For example, my blog Blog.HotNameList.com is hosted by blogger.com even though my main site is hosted on my own server.

    As for SEO, I think this article provides a nice summary of the issues:

    1. A subdomain is treated separately by google (as opposed to a directory in your main domain). So the content on the subdomain won't help your main domain to rank better in Google.
    2. It may be good to have more than one domain plus subdomain show up in Google searches, so that your site has more chance of being on the first page of Google results and being clicked on. Google seems to limit this to 2 pages.
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