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Q. Are domains with hyphens a good idea?

Is a domain with hyphens in it worse than one without hyphens (for the same words)?

For example:





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3 Answers

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    Here is a thread on the topic of having a dash in the domain name.

    My summary:

    1. Get both (hyphenated an unhypenated). Redeirect the one with the dash to the other.
    2. Limit it to one dash, because dashes are not so memorable.
    12/13/2009 9:10:13 PM -08:00
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    I've also read here the hyphen is kindof a cultural thing. Over 50% of German (.DE) domains have hyphens. The .DE TLD is the second biggest after .COM (bigger than .NET and .CN and .ORG).

    1/22/2010 3:22:27 AM -08:00
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    Here is some proof that the names with Hyphens rank worse on google:

    4/18/2013 10:16:00 AM -07:00