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Q. Are there any one-word dot-COM domain names still available?

I've tried to find DOT COM domains that are one word and are real words (not made up words like flickr.

Is the entire dictionary already registered?

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3 Answers

  • GoldFishGardener Answered... 1 votes

    I really don't think that there are any one word domains left. I have started a project collecting as many screen shots of one word domains homepages. I can not think of anything not already owned. My project is called www.insertwordhere.com

    4/24/2012 1:01:28 AM -07:00
  • jorge Answered... 0 votes

    Most are taken.

    According to this article, in Apr-2009, there were about 1500 available one word domains, when checked against a 100,000 word English dictionary:

    Here is that complete 1500-word available list:

    11/14/2009 3:54:20 PM -08:00
  • jorge Answered... 0 votes

    LastWordsLeft.com has a complete English dictionary list of avialable .COM and .NET domain names.

    4/24/2010 6:27:35 PM -07:00