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Q. How Do I Register A Domain?

What are the basic steps for a first-time domain buyer to register a domain?

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    1. The first step is to find a domain you want to buy. If you can't think of one, you could try a free service like Hot Name List.

    2. Next, you need to select a Registrar. A Registrar is a company that is allowed to sell you a domain. For a DOT-COM domain, I recommend NameCheap or Godaddy, but you can get more registrar suggestions here. If you live outside the US, and you want a domain with an extension that is specific to your country (like .CN for CHINA), then you may need to Google for a registrar in your country.

    3. Choose your renewal period. The domain is "sold" to you for about $8/yr, but you must renew every year. You can choose to renew every 2, 5, or 10 years.

    4. Go to the Registrar's website. Sign up for an account and use your credit card to pay. It's that simple.

    5. One important option is private domain registration. This keeps your contact information hidden from whois tools.

    6. You will get a renewal email, so make sure to use your real contact information when you sign up. Using invalid contact information can get you in trouble -- you may lose the domain if there is ever a lawsuit over it.

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    Hi, Registering a domain is a easy process but selecting a good domain name is the hard part among them.First you must select a domain name which is relevant to the content of your website.And after selecting a domain name you must find a reliable domain registrar who can provides the domain registration at low cost with the extension of your choice.I would personally suggest you the site where you can register your domain name at low cost .

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