Ferdeen Asked... 4 votes

Q. What's the best domain Registrar?

Hi, I have registered with GoDaddy but what is the best site out there for domain registration.

Things I look for are good service, good clean site and easy-to-use control panel.


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7 Answers

  • Verdana Answered... 3 votes

    Try name.com - they have an excellent control panel and consistently low registration fees. No upsells, no catches. I would strongly recommend name.com

    10/29/2009 1:58:08 AM -07:00
  • michelle Answered... 2 votes

    I like GoDaddy. I think it is cheapest and most popular.

    10/23/2009 4:54:04 AM -07:00
  • Thom Mahan Answered... 2 votes

    By far the best company I’ve found is www.WebPricedRight.com

    I have used over half a dozen companies over the last 9 years. I am a Graphic Designer and I service over 20 clients. Most of the service providers that I used promised the world but just raised their prices the next year. For the last 3 years I have been working with Web Priced Right. I wasn't sure at first because their prices were relatively low compared to other options out there. It was the best decision I've ever made!

    I am currently hosting over 40 websites with them and never once have had a second of down time. They have never raised their prices on me and the tech support is unreal. They have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable technical staff that I have ever worked with. In fact this is the reason that I started this blog...

    Never in all my years have I had a tech go out of his/her way to make sure that I was taken care of. It is truly a level of support that is unsurpassed in this industry. I whole-heartedly recommend Web Priced Right to you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    11/21/2009 5:22:13 PM -08:00
  • jorge Answered... 1 votes

    RegisterJudge.com is a great site for comparing registrars, with reviews from real domainers.

    I finally got fed up with all the "upsells" on GoDaddy about a year ago. I accidentaly ordered features I didn't want for about the 3rd time :(

    So, I use NameCheap for buying and selling domains. With a coupon, you can get a DOT COM for about $8.81. Transfers are a little cheaper. Not the best price, but the panel is pretty good, and the registrar is actually ENOM.COM which is a large one.

    10/21/2009 2:29:31 AM -07:00
  • Micklaser Answered... 1 votes

    WebPricedRight.com is a GoDaddy.com Reseller.

    11/30/2009 5:05:55 AM -08:00
  • angeldeepa Answered... 1 votes

    I recommended to this http://www.tucktail.com/ .This site provides the domain registration service at cheap price.Not only this, it also provides the web hosting package.visit for more details.

    6/12/2010 9:47:14 AM -07:00
  • David Answered... 0 votes

    I Recommend www.hostingpig.co.uk they are very good

    Hope that helps you.



    7/21/2010 8:57:33 PM -07:00