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Q. Would many URLs all parked on the same domain be bad for SEO?

I have several domain names registered, each a slight variant of each other.



I don't wish to be penalized for duplicate content or spammy links by any of the major search engines.

Should I park them all directly on the main domain I wish to promote, 301 redirect them to the main domain or not use them at all?


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1 Answers

  • Chris Answered... 2 votes

    301 Redirect is the way to go. Redirect them all to the "main site". The reason you registered all those domains, is in case people misspell them, right? Then you want them to all go to one site.

    You should not expect all your domains to end up in google's index, though. Since they all have the same content. Google will choose the main one.

    Here are Google's suggestions on this topic.

    Or make a unique landing page for each site, but have links there to the main site (more work).

    3/29/2010 3:23:21 AM -07:00