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Q. Is there any way to buy a domain before it drops?

After a domain name expires, it takes about 35 days before I can register it. And then it is likely to go to a domain drop service or backorder.

Are there any techniques for buying a domain before the drop services get to it?

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    After a domain expires, the previous owner still has 30 days to renew it. This is called the redemption period.

    The whois information is often out-of-date (or hidden by the registrar for an expipred domain). But, sometimes, with some legwork, you can contact the previous owner and make an offer. Try their email and phone number.

    The previous owner may take advantage of you, and renew it, but the article states that you still have a pretty good shot. Probably better than auction for a good domain.

    More details here: DNW.COM

    3/19/2010 10:11:26 PM -07:00