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Q. Are non USA domain registrars as trustworthy/secure as those in the USA?

If I wanted a domain name that ended in .it, I would have to find a registrar in Italy, right? Are they as good as the firms in the USA?

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  • Chris Answered... 1 votes

    Supposedly, you have to living somewhere in the European Union to get an IT domain. Although some registrars appear to have have a way for you to "pay" to have a business address there.

    Registrars do go out of business occasionally. But often it is "resellers" that fold. In any case, go with the biggest registrar you can find.

    I searched google for "ITALY DOMAIN IT REGISTER" and found a few places to get an IT domain from $15 - $19 / yr.

    3/10/2010 3:10:48 PM -08:00