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Q. What is a domain Registrar?

What is a domain registrar? What do they do?

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    A domain registrar is a an organization or company that manages registrations for domain names. Registrars keep track of who is registering a domain, and update the appropriate databases. Registrars charge a fee for this service.

    Some domain top-level-domains, like .COM, have many registrars. Others, particularly country registrars, have only one.

    If you're looking for an unbiased list of COM registrars, try Registrar Judge.

    See more info at Wikipedia.

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    Hi, A domain registrar is a company or organisation who has been authorised by the ICANN ,the organisation who oversees domain name to offer domain registration service .A domain registrar normally have all the access to the TLD's that are publicly available for registration and has the necessary infrastructure to register a specific name in behalf of the customer.If you are interested in getting your own domain name then you can visit the site as they are providing the domain registrar at low cost with good customer service and support.

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