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Q. Are "Geo" domains subject to trademark protection?

Are Geographical names like and subject to trademark protection?

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  • Pekka Answered... 2 votes

    This depends heavily on jurisdiction. I know for a fact that german courts don't give a rat's ass about what the UDRP says if both complainer and complainee reside (or are business entities) in Germany and the domain name in question is the registered name of a city, town or village ("Berlin", "Stuttgart"). Which TLD is in question doesn't matter. The municipal authority associated with the geographic name will usually be awarded the right to the name. I think Germany is not the only country where such precendents exist.

    3/9/2010 12:45:47 AM -08:00
  • jorge Answered... 0 votes

    According to this article on Elliot's blog, trademark protection does not apply to Geo Domains for UDRP.

    1/8/2010 5:26:20 PM -08:00